Other Sites

This page contains a (growing) list of other sites that we have referred to over time for various posts – both for reference and for inspiration.

Reference Sites

These are the sites we go back to periodically to find the text and the meaning of a poem that we want to elaborate on in a post. They offer a wealth of information for any interested individual – novice or professional.

Tamil Virtual Academy

An official initiative by Tamilnadu Government that has done a great job in collecting various key Thamizh literary resources in one umbrella with detailed commentary in most places. This has been a go-to site for us in referring to various texts and in many cases, understanding the meaning.

ThirukkuraL by R. Gokulnath

A clean presentation of ThirukkuraL with multiple commentaries and multiple navigation options, which is quite helpful.


These are other blogs we have stumbled upon during our research or were referred to by others to take a deeper look. These blogs are also a great way of helping us remain humble – seeing the sustained efforts of other interested individuals bound together by an invisible thread of common interest and passion in Thamizh literature. They make us take comfort in knowing that so long as such passion exists, it will take an extraordinary effort by anyone to ‘erase’ a culture and their literary treasures.