This blog is a humble attempt in appreciating literary verses in Thamizh that we, the authors / contributors, find interesting. While we are not experts by any stretch of imagination, our aim is to share our appreciation for posterity and if incidentally it resonates with you, more the merrier!

If it did resonate with you or if you have something similar to share, please feel free to post a comment.

In the course of writing each post we do our best to understand the meaning of the verses by cross referencing multiple sites to minimize any bias. We will do our best to cite such resources we have referenced. If you are an author of one such sites we have referred or quoted but do not feel we have provided the right attribution, please let us know by dropping a comment on the post and we will make amends.

We hope that this simple attempt plays a part in encouraging people to either look into or revisit Thamizh literature and appreciate this rich literary treasure trove!